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    Cisco WLC 5508 config backup problem using Cisco.Wirless.LAN


      Is is possible to get a template updated for a longer timeout?  I had to upgrade my 5508 last night and the tftp upload takes longer.  Captured the errors I was getting using a setup that worked the night before.  After answering "y" to a prompt, cattools does not get the expected response within 30 seconds.  I don't know how fast tftp uploads occurred before my upgrade, but it takes 85 seconds now.  Anyway to get a template with a 120 second timeout?  This is part of the output that seems to indicate the issue:

      WFMDRetVal=1 Waiting for: "--More--"
      WFMDRetVal=2 Waiting for: "Incorrect usage"
      WFMDRetVal=3 Waiting for: "% Incomplete command"
      WFMDRetVal=4 Waiting for: "(y/n)"
      WFMDRetVal=5 Waiting for: "Press Enter to continue"
      WFMDRetVal=18 Waiting for: "(Cisco Controller) >"
      WFMDRetVal=19 Waiting for: "(Cisco Controller) #"
      WFMDRetVal=20 Waiting for: "(Cisco Controller) config>"
      WFMDBuffer="y[13][10][13][10]tftp config transfer starting.[13][10]"
      <W-9:19:17 AM>[13]
      WFMDRetVal=1 Waiting for: "(Cisco Controller) >"
      WFMDRetVal=2 Waiting for: "(Cisco Controller) #"
      WFMDRetVal=3 Waiting for: "(Cisco Controller) config>"
      WFMDRetVal=4 Waiting for: "(config)"
      <W-9:19:47 AM>logout[13]<D 9:19:47 AM>
      <HOSTNAME="(Cisco Controller) ">
      <PROMPT VTY="(Cisco Controller) >">
      <PROMPT ENABLE="(Cisco Controller) #">
      <PROMPT CONFIG="(Cisco Controller) config>">