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    Counting SIP calls in progress on Cisco CUBE



      I'm trying to create a graph of SIP calls in progress on a router with CUBE.

      I've found that there is a list of Call ID's on (http://tools.cisco.com/Support/SNMP/do/BrowseOID.do?objectInput=

      The Call ID's listed in the returned list are 2 per call, 1 for the internal leg, and one for the outward to the SIP provider.

      I've written a small shell script to get this value in MRTG / Cacti etc, however i'm not able to figure out how to do the same thing in Solarwinds.


      router_count=`snmpwalk -c $2 -v2c $1 |wc -l`

      trunk_count=`echo "$router_count"/2 |bc`

      echo $trunk_count

      Script takes 2 parameters, the IP address of the router, and the SNMP community string.  It gets a count of call ID's and devides by 2, giving trunks in use.

      Is there any way to achieve the same thing?  I have experimented with Transforms in the Universal device poller, however there appears to be no function to "Count" returned entries.

      Any help appreciated :)



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          If you don't hear back from the community soon, check out the SW Knowledgebase for more information.

          If that doesn't help, open a support ticket. When you open a support ticket, would you:

          --Reference this thread to Support.
          --Post back here with a case number.
          --Post any solutions you get from Support.

          Many thx,


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            I finally had the need to get this working and have achieved it with the following:

            You will require:

            A shell script in /usr/local/scripts/ with the following contents:


            router_count=`snmpwalk -c $2 -v2c $1 |wc -l`

            trunk_count=`echo "$router_count"/2 |bc`

            echo $trunk_count



            A linux box, or other box with net-snmp, working with appropriate SNMP queryability (is that a word?)


             in /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf


            # the following line goes just under the other view systemview lines already in the file.

            view    systemview    included   .


            # The following lines go near the exec examples at the end of the box.

            exec brisbane /bin/sh /usr/local/scripts/countcube.sh public

            exec darwin /bin/sh /usr/local/scripts/countcube.sh public

            exec london /bin/sh /usr/local/scripts/countcube.sh public


            After this is all set up, you should be able to add the following pollers on solar winds, pointing at the net-snmp box.




            where the last number is the number of the exec line above.. 


            brisbane = 1

            darwin = 2


            This gives you a graph friendly count of sip trunks.  The only issue i have seen is where a call is signalling but not established, the shell script can return .5 of a call (only 1 of the 2 call legs exists)  I'm sure i can fix this with some kind of flag to the |bc in the shell script, something for the future.

            I know it's not perfect as you still need a separate Linux box, but it gives the results I wanted.
            Comments / Suggestions for improvement welcomed!