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    RuggedCom SNMPV3 and Devices OTHER than Cisco using SNMPV3


      SNMPV3 is the standard for my network, therefore I would like it to work with the many Ruggedcom devices that we have deployed.

      I can get V2C to work...but not V3...

      Ruggedcom devices support SNMPV3.

      I called the Rugged Com tech support and confirmed that I was setting it up correctly and the engineer could not understand why it would not work...

      I am trying to add an RS900 switch with no firewalls nor any ACLS restricting access to anything...

      Has anyone gotten V3 to work with RuggedCom?


      Also, I cannot for the life of me, get V3 to work with Adtran devices....in fact, the only devices that I can get to work with V3 are Cisco..