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      It seems to me that the transition from Hyper9 to SolarWinds has not been handled well. My account rep was terminated, and my new rep knows nothing whatsoever about the product. Support has fallen right off a cliff--response used to be rapid and effective, and now it's a black hole. Accessing download resources is no longer straightforward, and of course the licensing model changed without warning. I used to know that I could reach out to my Hyper9 sales and technical people and get things taken care of, and that's no longer the case.

      Sorry to vent, but I felt like Hyper9 was a partner, and now I'm just another not-very-important customer.

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          Hi Tomaddox,


          Someone will be in touch to discuss your support concerns.





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            Allow me to reiterate this problem.

            Solarwinds changed the Hyper9 licensing model shortly after we renewed. We figured that we would be grandfathered in, at least until the next contract renewal came up. We were wrong. I upgraded to Virtualization Manager to correct a couple of bugs in Hyper9 3.0.5, but SWVM 4.0 is so bug-ridden itself that it's basically unusable. A service pack has been released to beta, so I figured I'd install that, but we're out of compliance with the new license model, so I can't use the new version. Solarwinds pulled the rug out from under us, in my opinion, unilaterally nullifying the terms of our original license. I really liked Hyper9 as both a product and a company, but I guess it's time to start looking at alternatives.