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    UDT: Workstations connect to Cisco Phones show up as indirect connections


      UDT v1.0 integrated with our NPM (v10.1.3) deployment.  Did a port discovery on a few nodes (switches+routers) already in the NPM database. 

      So far, all the workstations that I have looked for via the Device Tracker Search that are plugged in to Cisco IP Phones or Cisco 3560G-8PC switches show up as indirect connections to their switch port.  Also, the IP Phones themselves and IP printers show up as indirect connections to their directly connected port.

      Workstations devices not plugged in to IP phones, as well as IP Security Cameras and non-VMware servers, in other Cisco 3560, 3750 and 4510 switches show up as direct connections where expected.

      How does UDT differentiate MACs that are directly connected from indirectly connected?