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    NCM with Radius/usermanager functionality


      I would like to suggest to make Orion NCM a complete management tool for routers and switches to get a secure user login possibility.

      Since orion already provides ftp/tftp/logging services etc. So adding the radiusserver would be one big enhancement and step forward to make the module complete for security.

      I hope there are more people who would like this feature.


      Greetzz John

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          Are you proposing that NCM acts as the Radius server?

          if yes, how would others feel about this?

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              The name radius is not well choosen, i would preferr User manager for infra devices.

              But it is called Radius all around. User security management for infra devices would be the right name since this is what would would like the server service like to do.


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                  Are we still in the scope of what a Network Configuration Manager product should do, or is this a separate product?

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                      I would suggest tomake it a part of NCM , since this is a security feature.
                      It would one of your future  enhancements to make NCM complete and the savest way to control the infra environement.
                      It is hard to work with a good radius take for instance MS radius what a poor way to control.
                      make it as i suggest as a part of NCM with security policies:
                      • min password length
                      • min one Capital letter
                      • min one number
                      • encrypted passwords
                      From this usermanager all the infra  devices would be authenticated for usernames to get a complete secured environement. With logging enabled, one would see directly who has changed some thing. 
                      Create an inform message that changes are made by "username".
                      Security , controlling the environement is the main goal for administrators. who is in control!!
                      Okay enough for nw.
                      See you.
                      John Q.