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    DAS or NAS/SAN


      We currently run out DB on a server configured as follows:

       WIN 2003 enterprise 32gig mem

      SQL 2005 enterprise

      dual quad core 

      "C"  raid 0 OS/SQL

      "D"  raid 0 DBtemp

      "E"  raid 0 DBLog

      "F"  raid 10 7 drives  primary FG

      "G"  raid 10 7 drives  FG 1 to 4

      We run the entire suite of NPM product, 6 pollers, about 6-8 K nodes on each average 4 object per node, IPSLA and NTA for about 3500 routers. IPAM fro 5 class "B"

      The performance fro NTA is not great and we ca onl keep 60 days or it really gets slow.   I know more spindles will greatly improve DB performance but our Storage team does not want any more DAS and I am being pushed to use NAS or SAN.  Anyone out ther doen this?  Advice? how is performance