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    UDT : filtering nodes shown in "Top XX Nodes by Percent Ports Used"


      I can't seem to use a custom property filter for this list. Basically I created custom property called AL  (with a text value  of either yes/no) so that the list will only show access layer devices.

      Here's the filter I use for the reqource; AL = 'Yes'

      ..it returns with this error;

      The "Top 200 Nodes by Percent Ports Used" resource threw an  exception..
      SWIS query error. SWQL Query: SELECT TOP 200 S.NodeID, N.Status,  N.Caption, N.IP_Address, S.LastScan, S.LastSuccessfulScan, S.LastScanResult,  S.PortCount, S.ActivePortCount, (S.PortCount-S.ActivePortCount) as  [PortsAvailable], ((S.ActivePortCount * 100 ) / (S.PortCount )) as  [PortPercentUsed] FROM Orion.Nodes N INNER JOIN Orion.UDT.Switch S ON  N.NodeID=S.NodeID WHERE (AL = 'Yes') AND S.ActivePortCount>0 Order By  [PortPercentUsed] DESC, [PortsAvailable] ASC, S.ActivePortCount DESC SWIS Error:  Cannot resolve property AL

      Is custom property not a valid option for filtering nodes in UDT?