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    Services not STOPPING on Kiwicattools


      Hi All,

      We are using Kiwicattools to take backup of all our network devices, but we are experiencing problem while accessing the tool. We are not able stop the services on our kiwicat, because of which no backup of configuration is taking place.

      I have marked the button with RED on which whenever we click to stop the services we are not able to do so.

      We have tried number of times to stop service by clicking the button but no luck.

      Please guide us what could be done as its very critical.



      Rohit Sood

      Mobile: +91- 8826007797

      Email : -  rohitsood@hcl.com

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          Hi Rohit, if you are having a critical problem with CatTools I would advise opening a support ticket so you can get help as soon as possible. 


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            Steve Welsh


            The STOP button in the Activities pane of the CatTools UI does not stop the CatTools service (CatTools_Services.exe).  The STOP button simply terminates the currently running activity.

            If the STOP button is not responding (and note that there may be a short delay until it reaches a 'check for STOP button push' within the activity code), then it may suggest that the CatTools activity currently being run has somehow gone into a loop.

            You can kill the activity by terminating the CatTools_Client.exe from within the Windows Task Manager (but I'm only recommending this as a last resort if your activity has been running for a long time).

            The CatTools_Client.exe should then restart itself with the next activity run.

            This should at least allow you to then start your back-ups again; however we will need to look into the problem in more details (i.e. view your infolog.txt file when this issue occurred), so please raise a support ticket as suggested by Marie.



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                Hi Steve

                Thanks for the quick response. We have opened a ticket with the team Case #250583 - "Services not STOPPING on Kiwicattools v3.4".

                Somehow we don't know the scheduled timer has now Stopped on its own , but now we are facing a different problem.

                Now we have selected only single device to take backup, but when we click run now it giving an error   "The service is unresponsive "