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    SNMPV3 issues


      I am having trouble with snmpv3 being on our switches.

      User data is not being placed on the port information tables.

      I did a test with a V2 RW string and repolled and the user information came in with no issues.

      What lies within V3 that is preventing user information to be populated?



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          You will need to add the VLAN context to the view group on the device for each VLAN.


          eg.  Snmp-server group <groupName> v3 <auth|noauth> context vlan-<VLAN-ID>

          Where the SNMP user belongs to <groupName>


          So to add VLAN 16 & 17 do the following:

          Snmp-server group MyGroup v3 auth context vlan-16

          Snmp-server group MyGroup v3 auth context vlan-17
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              Thank you I will try this out and let you know.

              Also by default is Vlan 1 allowed through SNMPv3 or will I have to create a context for this as well.

              Will the switch automatically poll each context or how do I define this if multiple vlans exist? As the switch only allows one snmpv3 to be selected?