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    Syslog and Traps apps to be able to generate an alert/event within NPM



      We are trying to drive our Support team to use the NPM website rather than relying on email alerts etc all the time. We have the NPM alerts configured exactly how we want them and it's working well with the team and the website. The traps and syslog alerts however are a different story. At the moment the syslog and traps applications are very much standalone, they do not interact with NPM at all. Sure you can view them on the website (still very much standalone) but we want to be able to pickup on certain traps/syslog messages and have them generate a message on the Alert/Events parts of NPM so they can be acknowlodged when resolved just as NPM alerts would. There needs to be a option under the traps and syslog apps to send the alert you specify to NPM Alerts and/or NPM Events.