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    Alert based on Custom poller (Infoblox)



      I am trying to configure an alert for DHCP utilization for Infoblox. (ibDHCPSubnetEntry)

      is having the following child OIDs. (ibDHCPSubnetNetworkAddress) (ibDHCPSubnetNetworkMask)  (ibDHCPSubnetPercentUsed)

      When I tried to add custom poller using the Universal device poller, it is prompting me to choose any of the above the child OID. 

      My objective is to  setup an alert for those subnets ( ibDHCPSubnetNetworkAddress ) which cross the threshold value (ibDHCPSubnetPercentUsed)  and a get view in node level. 

      = > How to add the OID so that it can be viewed in the web console in table format with Network address and Percent Utilization. 

      => How to add the OID and create an alert using custom poller variables in Alert message so that it can alert us when any subnet reach the threshold value (%). 

      I have tried to add the child OIDs ( for ibDHCPSubnetNetworkAddress & ibDHCPSubnetPercentUsed) separately but it becomes two different table in Node view which is not proper readable format and not able to create an alert. 


      Need your advise on this.