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    Monitoring Cisco Wireless

      Is anyone doing any monitoring of their Cisco Wireless network?


      We have upwards of 20 controllers, > 1000 AP's and we do have the WCS in place but I'm being asked to evaluate SW to do the monitoring as well or in place thereof.

      I've seen statements that Cisco doesn't recommend polling your WLC's with anything BUT WCS but can't find anything concrete to confirm this.

      Interested in people experiences with this -- Personally can't see what it will buy us if anything.


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          We have many customers polling their WLC with Orion with no issues and completely happy with it.  A lot of this will depend on your use case.  WCS is good at the advanced use cases like heat maps, but they are not super focused on the basic use cases like fault and performance monitoring.  Also Orion support other wireless vendors besides Cisco and autonomous or thick AP's

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              I use Orion to monitor my Cisco wireless controllers and my standalone AP's along with WCS.  I give more people access to Orion than I do WCS.  The interface for WCS is not really for helpdesk & level two support, and I find that Orion is at least a starting point for most.