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    False advance alerts


      i have setup a few advance alerts and to alert from UNDpollers

      looking on UNDP it shows the correct figure (cpu of vss 6500)

      and set it up to alert me when it gets over 75% and put the actually figure in the email

      i then get an email alert to say it's high, and the figure is 7 or 9 or something like that


      any reason why i get this?

        • Re: False advance alerts

          nothing obvious comes to mind and I am not aware of any well-known bug looking like this.

          Do you graph this CPU OIDs? if yes, you can look at the graphed value at the time the alert is sent with a value of 7 or 9. Does the chart show CPU value around 7/9 or 75%

          Is it the first advanced alert on UnDP value, that you configure? Do others work well?

          If nothing like this sheds any light or there isn't any mis-configuration, I suggest open a case.