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    SWToolset.MenuOptions, Windows Server 2008, Service Pack 2 on Virtual Server



      I need a solution.

      After upgrading to Windows Server 2008 running on a VMWARE Virtual Server

      the SWToolset.MenuOptions file no longer seems to function at all!!!!!

      I know the protocol url is functioning because I can execute the command

      Start>Run..>ssh://x.x.x.x <cr> and my Putty window opens.

      Also, the ssh at the top of the menu in the Node Details Menu, functions and works

      correctly by opening an ssh session to the correct node.

      I want a ssh button to function in the menu when I right click.

      Oh, another important thing, I think, It seems to function and

      work correctly on any other client. Just does not show up in the

      menu on the server itself. Help!!!!!