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    Question regarding enabling Netflow on Cisco WS-C6509


      Hi, I have a problem while enabling Netflow on Cisco WS-C6509 running on IOS 12.2(18)SXD7b, hopefully someone can help me on this.

      I can't seem to be able to use ">#ip route-cache flow" command in the interface configuration mode, says the command is invalid. I also tried ">#ip flow ingress" and ">#ip flow egress", also invalid. Any workaround?



      EDIT: More information below.

      This command is what I used for Cisco 7606 and 6509 devices. However it only works for 7606 which is running on 12.2(33)SRC6.

      Telnet into user exec mode on the device

      1. #enable                                                                      --> enter privileged mode

      2. Password: ******                                                          --> enter administrator password

      3. #copy running-config startup-config                               --> save the running configuration

      4. #configure terminal                                                      --> enter configuration mode

      5. #ip flow-export destination <ip address> <udp port>       --> define SOLARWINDS IP

                                                                                           --> default UDP port: 2055

      6. # ip flow-export version 5                                              --> define netflow version 5

      7. # ip flow-export source <loopback IP>                           --> example: loopback0

      8. #interface <interface name and number>                       --> enter interface configuration mode

      9. >#ip flow <ingress/egress>                                          --> enable in/out netflow

      10. >#exit                                                                       --> exit interface configuration mode

                    **repeat steps 8 to 10 for all interfaces which netflow need to be enabled**


      11. #copy running-config startup-config                               --> save the running configuration

      12. #exit                                                                          --> exit the telnet console