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    Report runs in report writer without issue but doesn't show data when run from website...


      I've seen this before with 9.5 etc. and don't remember how it eventually got worked out.  I'm on Orion Core 2011.1.0 SP1, NPM 10.1.2 SP1, NTA 3.7 now.  The report I created is pretty basic list of 6 clients I made a report that looks like this:

      Node, IP, Address City, Total Bytes Received, Total Bytes Transmitted, Receive Bandwidth, Transmit Bandwidth, Peak Receive bps, Peak Transmit bps, Average Receive bps, Average Transmit bps

      I group by a custom property Address City = Ft. Wayne

      All of my 4 similar reports run in report writer.  Some for shorter amounts of time when run in the website under reports show the headers and then below in red:

      No activity to report.

      Has anyone had something like this happen to them and figured out why they would run fine in report writer but show nothing on the web except above in red???