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    APM Permissions


      It is extremely and unnecessarily limiting that APM permissions cannot be granted to users without also granting full administrative control over the entire product. APM permissions should be a separate permissions category and separate from the highest Administrative permissions. It makes administration of the product in an enterprise environment impossible. Please escalate with product development to fix this or advise regarding options. 


      The scenario:

      1. An SQL DBA wants to check and/ or adjust thresholds on SQL component monitors

      2. A Linux SA wants to check and/ or modify check a script based monitor


      The request:

      Include seperate permission catagories for 1. viewing and 2. modifying APM permissions. Currently, only the top administrative permission has ablity to view and modify component monitor details. This forces to either share the admin permission (making the Accounts functionality useless) or bind the solarwinds admin to every change which is not practical. Additionally, it makes it almost impossible to fully leverage the product. This should be an easy fix and we request that it is implemented as soon as possible.