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    Scan Nodes for Services currently running


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      Create Scan Nodes for Services currently running

      Currently Orion APM can “Scan Nodes for Applications” We want to be able to do that for services. I manage over 250 Windows servers and I want to have Orion scan for services currently running.  Pick my group of 250 Windows servers already being monitored in NPM.  Then Orion will give me a list back displaying all the services currently found running.  From there I will prune the list and submit and BLAM!!!  Done, hours and hours of work saved!


      Yes, we can create a template for the basic services running on all the servers but those services generally are not as critical as the specialized application services.  One would think it would be easier to create a scan for services than a scan for applications so I really hope this can be implemented. My users have no idea what components or applications to monitor.  Nor do I get their buy in until they see the service is up and the application still is not working.  Most of them are project managers and all they have been trained on are to monitor services.  So as long as I know those services are up or down I am golden.


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      Feature request for APM. Reference Case # 248747.