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    New to alerting Help to get this down


      I am basically trying to alert on APC UPS's that have less than 25 minutes of runtime.  How would I do this?  I thought I had it but it only seems to work when I do the "test alert" they never pop up in regular alerts on the main home page.


      So far I had  


      Field machine type is equal to value american power conversion corp

      field poller name is equal to value UPSruntime

      Field Node ID is less than value 25

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            For the APC, I use a custom UNDP poller upsAdvBatteryRunTimeRemaining (The UPS battery run time remaining before battery   exhaustion.) which reflects the time remaining in minutes.  I think APC normally uses centi-seconds which is 0.01 second for time remaining so make sure your poll gets the value you want.  Otherwise, you may have to use the Transform feature in UNDP to converted to the desired units like minutes.  BTW, the UNDP poller upsAdvBatteryRunTimeRemaining came from the APC SmartUPS Universal Device Pollers that I downloaded from Content Exchange.  Double check the polled values to ensure that your alert will work properly.

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                Maybe I asked my question poorly. I need to know how to write advanced alert for the runtime less than whatever minutes. Having trouble with the context.  I am alreaday using transform feature successfully and  that info posts for top 10 page.  Also Id like it to include any of the APC ac ups's that start with ac. That way it parses out all the "dc" ups's