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    VSAN ID is a poor unique key


      So I have a lot of vSAN and I've finally been adding them all into NPM.  The issue is, my vSANs are across multiple domains and therefore some of the VSAN IDs are reused/duplicated for different VSANs.  This then causes issues because other things such as VSAN name is not tied by what is polled but by the VSAN ID.

      To explain what this actually does, let's say I have vsanNJ and vsanTX both with ID=1.  Now to also say that I have NJdevice1 part of vsanNJ (ID=1) and TXdevice1 part of vsanTX (ID=1).  Now since devices NJdevice1 and TXdevice1 are tied to the VSAN ID and not the VSAN Name, Orion constantly switches back and for between which VSAN Name they are part of.

      I know this is a bit confusing so I hope I explained it in a way that makes sense....let me know what you think because at this point I would really consider this a bug; since I'm sure Orion is just acting as designed I'm posting this as a feature request.

      The easiest way I would think to resolve this would be to either use the VSAN Name as the unique key here; or even better, use a compound key utilizing both VSAN ID and Name.