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    First setting NTA 3.7 can't  see the flow on cisco C6513



      i have settup netflow on C6513 like this still can't see the flow on NTA module web.

      ip flow-export source (int loopback)
      ip flow-export version 5
      ip flow-export destination (ip address NPM server) (2055)
      ip flow ingress layer2-switched vlan (insert vlans X,Y)

      ip flow-cache timeout active 1

      interface vlan x
      ip route-cache flow
      ip flow ingress

      interface vlan y
      ip route-cache flow
      ip flow ingress

      mls nde sender version 5
      mls flow ip interface-full
      mls nde interface
      mls aging long 64
      mls aging normal 64

      Please help.