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    Stuck in Trap


      Can someone help me understand why the "Trap Type" text changes periodically? I've been pulling out what's left of my hair (not much) due to changes to the Trap Type text. Why do I care? We have many rules configured for traps with the condition set to match the Trap Type. Whenever changes occur, the rule is no longer valid and unfortunatley I don't know it until something bad happens.

      We've been burned by this quite a bit over the past couple years. The most recent example of such an event occurred today. We have a rule configured to match Trap Type = 'NETWORK-APPLIANCE-MIB:volumeFull'. However, Orion now displays the trap as Trap Type = 'NETAPP-MIB:volumeFull'.

      If you look in the MIB database, both the NETWORK-APPLIANCE-MIB and the NETAPP-MIB are associated to the NetApp OID's. I'd love it if someone could explain to me when and why these changes happen. Is there a better way to configure trap rules to mitigate this type of risk? If I can't rely on the Trap Type remaining constant, how am I supposed to create a good rule? Are these changes published somewhere so we are made aware?