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    UDT - Disk Space Requirements



      We're hitting the 4GB limit of SQL Express with our Orion UDT evaluation. We have around 50 network switches and <5000 ports managed.

      The Admin guide, indicates that 2GB of disk space should be sufficient. Are we doing something wrong or is the estimated disk space needed in the admin guide a little too low.

      Please advise. Thanks

      Qui Hong

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          Andy McBride

          Hello Qui,

          We will look into this.


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              We need more information from your deployment to better understand your issue. Can you tell me the size the tables that start with UDT_? These are the UDT specific tables and I want to see if the problem is there or with another table. 

              The best way for us to help you with this, is to contact your Sales Engineer and provide diagnostics so we can dig into this further.



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                  Thanks for the recommendation. None of the UDT_ tables are consuming much space (a few MB). Most of the space is in the "Traps" and "TrapsVarbin" table.

                  What does that mean? Sorry, I didn't install or configure Orion UDT.


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                      Those tables are where Orion stores incoming SNMP Traps. You can use the Trap Viewer application on the Orion server to configure how long those traps are retained and set up the rules that govern which traps get stored in the database and which ones are simply discarded.

                      Since you have already hit the 4GB limit, changing the trap retention time and the trap rules will probably not get you back up and running. I recommend you use a tool like Orion's Database Manager or Microsoft's SQL Management Studio Express to truncate the Traps and TrapVarBinds tables. This will shrink the database enough that things should start working again. It would probably be a good idea to restart the Orion services after you do this.