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    I would like to request NPM Wireless Support for HP E-series MultiService Controllers & APs (formerly Colubris)



      I have a single HP Procurve MSM710 Access Controller (formerly Colubris MSC-5100) and 5 HP Procurve MSM422 Access Points (formerly Colubris MAP-625) and I am not able to view any details in the NPM Wireless Tab in NPM 10.1.2 SP1.

      I have gone into settings >> Views by Device Type and the the Device for the MSM710 as Wireless Controller.  When I view the Node Details, I get the error 'Wireless Device was not found in database!' in both the 'Controller Details' & 'List of Thin Access Points' areas of the Node view.  If I go to the Wireless tab in NPM I don't see any information regarding APs or Clients.

      I have submitted the MIB file for the MSM devices to support and have they have added them to the MIB file (May 6, 2011 updated MIB).

      I have also found another post on Thwack that states the Wireless Tab only supports Cisco & Aruba wireless controllers, I would like to request that the HP Controllers to be added to this feature.