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    Well known limitations of NPM 10.2 Beta 1


      NPM 10.2 beta users, if you encounter these, we know about them, so hopefully this will save you some head scratching...

      IP V6

      • Unable to add node via hostname that resolves only onto Link Local IPv6 address (66469)
      • Orion fails to obtain IPv6 address (via DNS resolution) with only LL IPv6 address.      Actually, this not a real bug, just limitation of Windows implementation of IPv6 (62362)


      • ESX hosts from found vCenter are not added
      • discovery results stored in VIM tables are not removed while discovery profile is deleted
      • Found ESX hosts/vCenters are not shown as VMware devices on Discovery Import
      • Discovery configuration created before installing module (for example IVIM) is incompatible with this module. You can fix it via editing this configuration, it will fail only when no edit is performed and "Discovery now" is used directly.
      • Interfaces column is empty in import preview
      • Not possible to select individual interfaces/volumes to import/ignore
      • There is no Topology information collected during Discovery
      • Scheduled results are not displaying anything.
      • Ignore list doesn't work.
      • Runtime extending of discovery scope (with IPs from discovered subnet, router ARP, ...) don't work.
      • Discovery doesn't work on remote poller.
      • Discovery doesn't work for subnet or ranges with more than ~70000 nodes, it will allow you to do that but will grab too much memory.
      • List resources is not reflecting new CPU & Memory pollers and claims poller is not assigned even it is.
      • Network Discovery using Seed routers doesn't work
      • Discovery Timeout doesn't work properly
      • SNMP credentials are used in alphabetical order

      Polling / collector

      • Interface remap is not implemented in Beta 1
      • Basic alerts for interfaces are not implemented in Beta 1
      • Events for interfaces are generated by Standard poller (not by Collector plugin)
      • Child statuses for interfaces are not summarized
      • Collector has no replacement for Poller_VX, so no CPU & Mem is polled for ESX 3.0 nodes
      • New pollers are assigned only by New Discovery. Add Node/List Resources still works with legacy pollers
      • Unmanage / remanage does not work correctly for interfaces

      SNMP V3 trap support

      • Trap service stores into DB SNMPv3 traps just from monitored in Orion via SNMPv3 nodes. In case node is not added or added via SNMPv1/2 - user will be notified with corresponding messages. Windows Trap service should be stopped.