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    Resource uptime for VMs as a percentage?



      I have to produce monthly server uptime stats for Client SLAs, I use a 3rd party app to do this based on a %age of ping responses. Profiler's system up-down time report is exactly what I'm after as I could schedule it on a monthly basis, but it only gives me a report on servers with the agent installed.

      Is there any way to report on all servers known to Profiler, physical and virtual, to provide an uptime percentage?

      Cheers, Lee.

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          Garrett Gross

          Lee -

          It looks like the only report that will show anything uptime related for VMs is the "system current uptime" report but that does not give you the up/down percentage that you are looking for.

          At this point, without agents on the VMs, you wont be able to pull % up/down stats with the "system up-down time report".  I'm guessing that we do not get that data from Vmware's API.

          I would suggest submitting a support case (solarwinds.com/support/ticket/) to request this ability in future release and see if the up/down percentage data collection is possible without an agent on the VM.