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    Universal Device Poller Hell


      I am going to try REALLY hard not to be too negative here, but I just have to vent at this point.

      After having spent the better part of a day using this tool to set up a SINGLE APC NetworkAIR FM HVAC, I gotta say, while it's great to be able to grab data from just about anything, in practice it's like having a cavity drilled with no pain killers (ok, I don't gave any cavities but enough about my dental health).


      • Way to much clicking.  WAY TO MUCH CLICKING.  In order to get a new poller built.
      • Duplicating a poller resets certain items defined in the original poller.  WAY TO MUCH CLICKING.
      • Can only add a single poller at a time.  Should be able to select multiple OIDs, define the settings an apply!  WAY TO MUCH CLICKING.
      • Apply pollers requires multiple clicks.  This is Windows, drag and drop anyone?  WAY TO MUCH CLICKING.
      • Deleting pollers can only be done one at a time.  This is windows, multi-select anyone?  WAY TO MUCH CLICKING.
      • No native discovery tool.  Have to use Engineers toolset to discover devices OIDs.  Then there is no way to export them into the Universal Poller tool.  WAY TO MUCH CLICKING.
      • Names are auto named according to the MIB name - every time you mess with the poller.  If you had a custom name, kiss it goodbye.
      • So after you have all these nice settings set, you can't see them all if you click on the poller.  You have to edit the poller to see the info.  Oh, then click the plus sign to see the advanced options.  WAY TO MUCH CLICKING.
      • Are they really advanced options?  I used them on almost every single poller.  Cool - I am really advanced :)

      Needless to say, I think you can see the theme here.  WAY TO MUCH CLICKING.

      Is there any chance that the UnDP tool will be updated in the near future?  I see another thread (UnDP Wishlist) from 2008 that still hasn't been addressed.  Guess I know the answer to my question (which is why I marked this thread as a discussion).


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          Hi John--

          I responded to your other post as well. I pinged the PM and he said he'd address this later today.

          Many thanks,


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              Hi John,

              Thanks for taking the time for this thorough input, which I have captured in an enhancement request (66801).

              This one, along with several others on the same theme (UnDP features and usability), are well known internally and we are conscious of the limitations and the pain involved.

              As always, we can't give any commitment, but this is high on our priority list and very much on our radar.

              Tks again for your input.