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    Syslog request: Enumerate *all* devices, not just ones with messages on screen

    Leon Adato

      (This has been logged as ticket 247336. Posting it here per suggestion of SW tech suppport)

      Currently the device list in the syslog view will only show devices for which there are messages at that moment.

      IE: If you have 50 devices, but one has been very chatty and sent out 300 messages in the last hour, then the device list drop-down will only show that device.

      I'm requesting this functionality be improved so that ALL devices (but still obeying account limitations) be displayed in that drop-down so that we can more easily search for messages during a high-volume period.

      I understand it is possible to search by IP address, but that requires additional steps to go to the node page, grab the IP, etc. This would simplify the entire process which, during a troubleshooting exercise, is extremely beneficial.