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    Page Report Frustrations


      I’m working on a manager’s report for the WAN usage on our MPLS facing routers. In order to do this I’m using Custom Node interface views. The charts themselves come up great, but right above them I’ve for the node track... Overall it doesn’t look so good.


        In a nutshell I need to leave the page title [Company] WAN Bandwidth Report, but the “-Router [Area] – [ISP] MPLS – etc” needs to go away, as does the Last 24 Hours / Both that is underneath that.


        I’m sure I’m missing something easy here, but I’d appreciate an assist!

      (Example Below)


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          I was apparently more tired than I realized last night.


          In order to enlighten anyone else that might have the same question:


          I was seeing this issue because I built the View from a NetFlow template. I was thinking I needed that since I’m showing NetFlow data.


          However when using custom objects it doesn’t matter what the template actually is. So the fix here is to build the template from a Summery page and it eliminates the items I mentioned above. If you have directlink enabled or use an account that has no menu items set it makes a rather nice management report.