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    Remove a Device(s) Questions


      How do you remove a device from UDT without removing it from network monitoring or other modules?  Several devices were added accidently and I want to remove them, but only from UDT, not from other portions of NPM.

      I know that I can "unmonitor" the interfaces, but that still leaves the device listed in UDT. 

      Is there a way to remove all the devices from UDT and have it start the discovery from scratch?



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          Hi Rick,

          From the device tracker summary page, click the 'Discover Ports' button.

          This will take to to a page that is exactly the same as the Orion Node managment page but is actually the UDT managment page.

          Tick the box next to the device you want to remove from UDT and click delete...


          The UDT managment page caught me out when i first looked at it.... Think SW need to redesign/destinguise it from the normal Orion Node Management page.

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              The discover ports option doesn't show a delete function at any point, on my version. 

              The manage ports option allows me to delete a node, but it completely removes it from NPM, not just UDT.

              Is anyone at SW monitoring this discussion?  Do I need to open a ticket for resolution?


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                  Hi Rick--

                  I've marked this for the PM to review. If you want to get started with Support, go ahead and open a support ticket.

                  When you open a support ticket, could you:

                  --Reference this thread to Support.
                  --Post back here with a case number.
                  --Post any solutions you get from Support.

                  Many thx,


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                      Good feedback Matt and Rick.

                      We are currently working on being able to delete a port. This should be resolved soon. 

                      Regarding deleting a node, if we split this function out and when you deleted the node it only deleted it from UDT and you were required to go to Node Management to delete it from "core" would that be what you want? The problem is then you have split the products and need to manage nodes in UDT separately from NPM. Most users get mad at us for not having integrated node management :-)

                      Conversely, if we merged the Port Management and Node Management page, would this be confusing (ports versus interfaces) or preferred?


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                          I can go into NCM and add/remove nodes without impacting their status in NPM.  I should be able to accomplish the same function in UDT.

                          When a node is set to be "deleted", have a check box for a specific product delete or global delete.  Deleting induvidual ports using the same model would be great.  I don't know if merging the two pages would be confusing.  I guess I would have to see how it is structured.

                          We use NCM, NPM, NetFlow, and UDT in targeted areas.  There are very few devices that are present in all of these products.


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                              The difference with NCM is it is completely stand alone and does not share the Orion NPM database when installed on the same server as NPM. The only piece that can tie NCM and NPM together is the NCM Integration piece but this still relies on the information stored in the NCM database.

                              When UDT is installed on the same server with NPM, UDT creates it's tables within the NPM database.


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                              I suppose making process bit more intelligent and understand what type of product it runs (Orion Module or Standalone) it should give you an option in a pop-up for example asking if you want to completely remove from Orion NPM either or just from UDT.

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                        I agree that this feature is badly needed. 

                        I accidentally added some devices of which I don't want to monitor the ports and there's no way to remove them from UDT.  They now show up on reports and they shouldn't.

                        Also, it would be nice for the discover ports page to be able to group the list of the devices by location like most of the rest of the Orion tools.

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                            Steve Welsh

                            Hi Ten48 -

                            In the UDT Service Release 1.0.1 we enhanced the 'delete node' feature (in the Port Management page) to provide you with the option to choose whether to delete a node from UDT only or all Orion modules.

                            To access this feature, from the UDT All Nodes resource, click the 'Manage Ports' button then once in the web page, change the 'Show' filter to say 'Nodes'.

                            If you are not running the Service Release; then I'd recommend upgrading to get this feature.