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    NPM Services Stopped, Error on alerts



      These are the version of the modules of our Orion Server:

      SolarWinds Orion Core 2011.1.0,

      APM 4.0.2 SP4,

      IPAM 2.0

      NPM 10.1.2

      NTA 3.7

      IVIM 1.1.1


      We detected some troubles with the NPM on the  Orion Service Manager, the services:

      ·         SolarWinds Collector Data Processor

      ·         SolarWinds Collector Polling Controller

      Are stopped and every time we tried to start the services they just are up for some seconds and they stopped againg.

      We also are experience some problems with the alerting engine, instead of retrieve the name or value of a variable, it returns the variable, ie.

      The volume ${FullName} has ${VolumeSpaceAvailable} available since 7:06 AM


      Total disk: ${VolumeSize}


      And Also get the error 17777 , but my orion Module engine still runnuing


      Are these problems related?