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    Netflow Error


      I keep getting his error on when trying to capture netflow traffic..



      "Node Details Unavailable

      Details for Node 'MyNode" are not available because netflow and CBQos data are not available.

      refer to vendor device documentation to enable this features."



      I have configured netflow correctly on the test routers even have tested it on Toolset but it does not appear on the Netflow module that I currently use...


      I also noticed that collector port 2055 is always down,,,



      What could be the problem.??????????????

      I currently use: NPM 10.1.2 and NTA 3.7

        • Re: Netflow Error

          Do you have something else listening on that port? You mentioned Toolset, are you running the Netflow Realtime Analyzer on the same machine? Only one application can listen to that port at a time. Shut down all other applications, then re-start the NTA netflow service. 

          Also, are you managing the nodes and interefaces in NPM? You must be managing them to capture the netflow traffic.