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    NPM expansion/upgrade



      Just want to ask for help regarding below issue.

      Existing setup has v9.5 and they want to use the latest version which is 10.1.2, our team suggested that they have to upgrade their existing Solarwinds application to v10.1.2 but they are asking if it is possible not to have a downtime upon upgrading since they have Hot-standby Engine.

      Our question is, if we shutdown the services of NPM, HSE will do the polling, then we proceed to upgrading the NPM right? If that happens, after the upgrade of NPM and the new version is up and running is it still possible to upgrade the PE without downtime? I mean will the HSE still do the polling for PE even if the NPM has higher version?

      Or can we used this step, we will install first the new PEs with latest version and upgrade the HSE to FOE(P3). WIll the FOE(P3) work with NPM v9.5? Also will the FOE for PE  work with PEv9.5? If yes, is it safe if we use the FOEs to poll for NPM and PE while we upgrade them?

      Lastly, can we ask for the procedures on how to upgrade NPM, PE and HSE for our current setup?

      We hope that you could help us with this.