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    UDT - what goes on behind the curtains


      Can someone from SolarWinds confirm what UDT does when it polls for info?  I am trying to figure where the breakdown is so I can possibly solve my issues where I am getting very hit and miss results.

      I have some switches that do not get any info , some that only show MAC's and a few that work fully.


      Is this the way it is?


      Pull Mac table -> find nearest layer 3 and pull ARP cache (via cdp?)-> Do reverse DNS lookups on IPs -> Correlate all the data


      My guess is maybe the ones where I get MACs only the chassis is performing L3 and the switch ARP does not get pulled.

      The ones where I get nothing, well I have no clue about those yet but it must be for the same reason as its all my 6500's so far and then my Nexus 5k's.