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    Groups and Views Question


      I am trying to achieve something and maybe someone can tell if it is possible;


      We have 2 HP storage Clusters, one with 12 nodes and one with 16.


      I have configured a ‘Nodes’ view and assigned it as the default view in devices by type.  This is good for both clusters when drilling in to the nodes.


      However I would like (or have been trying) to create four groups, two as a ‘group details’ view and two has a ‘nodes view’.


      I would like (and configured the view) to show stats for nodes, temp, Interface stats etc.  However I only want to show the nodes current for each cluster in each relevant group.  (If I change say a poller in one view it changes and views the same in the other group).


      I also would like 2 cluster groups and when we click on these ‘group details’ views we see volume cluster relevant stats but yet again if a poller in one group it changes it in the other.


      Basically I would like a new view for each group, it seems the group is tied to a specific view or I am possibly not understanding this correctly.


      Any advice is much appreciated.