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    My UDT Eval


      OK so I have been using UDT for about a day.  For a first version I say it is impressive.  The networking, systems and security folks are very interested.

      I have tried it on an array of switches and I find that unless I am doing something wrong there are some it does not work with and I am talking Cisco.  Below are my findings. If someone could address this or confirm my findings I would appreciate it.


      Nexus 7000 - Works

      Nexus 5020 - does not work (and this is a huge negative for us as finding servers would be why systems would want it)

      6500 Sup720 - does not work

      4500-Sup6E - works

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          Hi Donald,

           I'm glad you like UDT!

           It would be great if you could do the SNMP walk for switches Nexus 5020 and 6500 Sup720.

          You could try download net-snmp library from here: http://www.net-snmp.org/download.html

          And run:

          snmpwalk -v 2c -c [communitystring] -O netU [ipaddress of device] > [file to export results to, e.g.  xxx.txt]

          Replace items within the [ ] accordingly, removing the [ ] also. Notice the time the command takes to execute and forward result file to us (we can do this offline if you'd prefer).



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            What do you mean when you say "6500 Sup720 - does not work"?  I have 7 6500 chassis, (6 6509's and 1 6513).  I use a Sup720-3b, and UDT has no problems with them. It detected my CMM modules, Wireless Controllers, and the 3 different 10/100/1000 blades, as well as all my 10g ports.

            Do you have "nodes" directly connected to the ehternet port on the Sup card?

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                Glad it works for you not so for me and I have the same Sup's you do.  I think it might be a code difference.  I am seeing the same thing on all my 4500's some work and some don't and the only difference between them is code level.


                Petr I will do that and get it to you.  I will run a 4500 thats works and one that does not as well.

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                Did you ever hear anything back about getting Nexus 5020s working with UDT?  I have the same problem and wonder if its something i am doing wrong.  It works great with everything else that i have checked so far, except for nodes that are on layer 2 or on VLAN's behind a firewall.


                If you have any advice that would be great?