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    Polycom HDX 8000 HD SNMP troubles


      Hey all,

      I recently added 3 Polycom HDX 8000 HD units to Solarwinds for monitoring. My intent is to monitor Packet Loss, Jitter, Latency etc for these devices. I have the updated MIBs loaded in Solarwinds. I created pollers in the UnDP, and when I 'tested' the MIB objects with the Polycom devices it said "A value cannot be returned." I did a MIB walk on the device and next to the OIDs there were no values next to them. I assigned the pollers to the devices and they show up where I want to. But in the graphs it said "No data for selected time period." I'm wondering if I selected the wrong SNMP type (get) and value types or if it's just because there isn't enough usage on the Polycom units to produce enough data for Solarwinds to collect it. 


      Anyone have any ideas?



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          It sounds like the device is not responding with any values, which is why you are seeing the behavior in Orion.  If it doesn't give us any values then there is nothing for us to report/show.  Are you able to confirm with your vendor that these MIB's are supported by them and they are using them?

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              Yes they are supported by the vendor. I originally thought since these Polycoms are hardly used, that Solarwinds didn't collect enough "samples" because there wasn't enough traffic. 

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                  No, probably nothing to do.

                  If the MIBs were correctly implemented but you had very little or no traffic, then they should report a bunch of "0's" and not return ""A value cannot be returned."

                  So what you should see in NPM is charts with flat lines close to "0" but not "no data message".

                  Based on your description, it seems like these devices don't implement the MIBs correctly.

                  I would search in this direction first, vs NPM's direction.

                  To completely rule-out NPM, I would take a trace with this tool:


                  Please download and install net-snmp from http://net-snmp.sourceforge.net/
                  It doesn’t matter what machine do you install it on, as long as it reaches the device.
                  Run this command from “installation directory/bin/”: snmpwalk -v 2c -c public -O netU 1 > output.txt
                  (change the IP address and community string accordingly)
                  Then look at the content of the output.txt file and see what OID effectivelyl responds (with values =0's or not, depending on actual traffic being carried by these boxes).
                  Let me know if this helps.
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                I know this is an extremely old post but did you ever find a solution for this? I'm running into the same issue with Polycom. Most of the other pollers are returning values for Polycom but the latency and jitter are returning the same "A value cannot be returned."