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    Possible to restore v.9.5 DB to v.10.1 DB?



      Got a question regarding upgrades in NPM. Is it possible to restore a database in the v.9.5 mold as a database for v.10.1. I believe I'll get a NO answer here, but I just have to make sure. You see, our current NPM in production is v.9.5, and our IT have just setup upgraded servers with NPM v.10.1 on it and plans to migrate the database from the old 9.5 to the new v.10.1, which is in a separate SQL instance.  Is this possible without ruining the database structure of the already installed v. 10.1?Or we should have migrated the database first before upgrading?or can someone recommend another solution where I'll just have to update parts of the 9.5 database with those from v.10.1?

      Hope someone could enlighten me here. Thank you so much in advance.

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          You may be able to fix your situation using the following steps:

          1. Create backups of both databases. For more information, see "Creating Database Backups" in the SolarWinds Orion NPM Administrator Guide.
          2. Park your Orion NPM 10.1 license using License Manager on your 10.1 servers. For more information, see "Using License Manager" in the SolarWinds Orion NPM Administrator Guide.
          3. Using the License Key you just parked on your NPM 10.1 servers, upgrade your NPM 9.5 installation to 10.1. For more information, see "Installing Orion Network Performance Monitor" in the SolarWinds Orion NPM Administrator Guide.
          4. Complete the migration from your old (9.5) servers to your new (10.1) servers, as indicated in the SolarWinds Technical Reference, "Orion NPM Migration". 
          Please post back with any difficulties.

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              shut down ALL NPM services (any SW prodcut that will talk to DB) on your servers for 10.x

              I can't remember if I've done this before or not, but I think I have...
              back up your 9.5.  copy that to your 10.x sql server. (keep bu on 9.5 so you have it).

              take one system and run config wizard, that should recognize the DB as needing upgraded and will perform.


              Assuming you have additional polling engines:

              I would also expect you would have to run config wiz on all additional poller systems (as appropriate) as they will need to be "registered" to the DB.

              I would also expect you would have to re-assign all your nodes to the new engines registered to the DB.

              Hope that works for ya.

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                  I'm a little bit confused, because the NPM in the new servers is already upgraded to v10.1. You're saying that I should use the license Key in the new 10.1 servers to upgrade the 9.5 installation in the old NPM?sorry for the confusion..thanks so much in advance.. =)


                  Yup, this is what I'm attempting to do now, since there is no harm in trying because the new servers are not in production yet..i have 2 other polling engines, will do the same to them as well..thanks so much for the tip =)

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                      To fully maintain your data, you will need to upgrade the environment that is linked to your existing Orion database. Parking the license used to install on your new servers, an upgrade to your existing Orion environment on your old servers, followed by a migration to your new servers allows you to apply the required db updates introduced with versions 9.5.1 - 10.1 to you existing data in a way that merely pointing a new Orion installation on new servers at an old db would not.

                      I hope that is clear...a diagram might help here...I'll get Marie on a whiteborad feature...