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    NPM SLX in SQL 2008 on Vmware



                  I am preparing the infrastructure to scale to several thousands of nodes and, because I´m not a DBA,  I just  a simple network engineering, need some advices. 

      At this moment de DB inis a virtualized server, 4 core and 4 GB of RAM. Windows 2008, It has two HDD, one for OS and one for the DB. I will migrate to 16 GB of RAM but I read in sowewhate tha the perfomance boost if i add a partition for transactions logs or something like that. Can anyone tell me some tipsor links they have been useful to you.



      Thanks to all.

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          get with your VM guys.  I would expect your "1 drive" for db is actually SAN space and spread across multiple disk heads.  YOU NEED this.  you will not be able to run on one single phsical HD effectively.

          Also, you are correct in that you want another space for your transaction(DB) logs.  Ideally, this would be on a different LUN running across different disks.

          Basically, get with your VM, SAN, and DB guys if possible and ask for the above.

          The more disk you write across, the better your performance usually is.

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              Thanks for the tips, especially on the LUN IDs that did not even know existed.

              You'll have some link about how to separate the logs? To investigate how large is the partition that I pediral that manages the hosting.

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                  VM + SQL = bad

                  Thats like virtualizing something virtual.

                  There are components of SQL that are virtual and putting it on a VM from what I understand is a bad idea.

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                      conceptually, I agree w/ Donald.  Usually, the system requirements of SQL boxes are high enough that it doesn't make sense to virtualize.  as for functionally, I've been running that way (due to our current policies) for about two years and haven't had any problems.

                      as for putting the logs on a different "drive", open up your SQL mgmt studio,
                      take NetPerfMon DB offline
                      right click DB -> properties -> files <page> -> look for log and click on "path" to change

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                          "VM + SQL = bad" is only true if the virtual infrastructure wasn't built well enough.  A lot of people have bad experience with virtualization when the infrastructure was not fully thought out.  Just like if you installed a high demand SQL database server on a three to four year old server using one three 7.2K SATA disk raid5 volume, but used seperate partition for OS, log and data.  You can do a bad job in the real world, although it is easier to do a bad job in the virtual world because there are more things to consider.

                          I have my SQL in my vSphere, but I use RDMs to my SQL LUNs on a separate SAN controller than the rest of my vSphere infrustructure (well exchange uses it too, but that also a database, sort of).

                          My point being, be careful, listen to "njoylif" (hey that's enjoy life!) and Donald, be aware of the dangers you would find in any environment.