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    Distributed installation


      Hi there,

      Apologies if this is a repeat of a previous, or existing, topic. I was wondering if it's possible to achieve a distributed installation od Cattools. What I mean by this is, we have several networks that we monitor for SNMP traps via a machine installed locally inside the network that runs an SNMP polling agent which reports back to the main SNMP server via a PPTP connection. We do this because some of the networks have over-lapping IP, amongst other reasons.

      Is this sort of functionality possible in Cattools, i.e. can I install it on the same local machine on the network but have it connect back into a main server to upload the configs and diff files and, though this is doubtful, trigger email sends?



      P.S. It is not possible to alter the design of the networks we have had to install in this manner, as much as I would like to and bring them into our NOC via a proper IPSec connection.

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          Steve Welsh

          Hi John,

          If you mean you want to install CatTools on a local system, but have the configs and dated configs (and other report files) saved on some other server; then yes this is possible.

          You simply need to change the default report, configs and other filesystem paths for each activity to point to your server instead of the C:\ of the local system.

          You may want to note the following help page with regards to the usage of UNC paths over mapped drives: http://www.kiwisyslog.com/help/cattools/appserv_uncandmapped.htm 

          With regards to the service account, you may also want to have a read of http://www.kiwisyslog.com/help/cattools/appserv_installasservice.htm

          However, if you are meaning you wish to install the CatTools Manager UI on your local system, but have the CatTools Service running on a separate server; then I'm afraid this is not possible for CatTools as it has been developed as a single user application (Service and Manager UI on the same system). 

          If you try run CatTools in a multi-user environment, you are likely to run into issues (for example multiple terminal server sessions running the CatTools Manager UI against a single CatTools Service will cause problems.)

          Hope this helps,



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              Awesome, thank you for the super speedy response Steve. This is exactly the sort of information I am looking for. At the moment I am evaluating 3 products primarily for configuration management/versioning to figure out which fits best into our business. What may become an important criteria is the ability for us to add in "ad-hoc" devices that are not necessarily supported by the software. I wondered how difficult, or more hopefully, easy this was.

              As well as Cisco devices the main configurations we would want to control are industry standard radios and it would be great if we can manipulate the product to basically just login, get a "show run" or similar and do the diff process without having to wait for development time!

              Edit: having spent some time digging through the online documentation I have worked out that it's relatively easy to customise devices and add new ones in as long as you know the device well enough.

              I am, however, slightly confused about pricing since I can only pay £495 via the website but there are multiple licensing options...