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    Resolve Hostname from mac-address-table


      Not sure whether this has been suggested before, or is even possible..... but.... the organisation I'm currently working for don't have many of their switchports labelled with a description.  To determine what's at the other end of the switchport I carry out a:

      show mac-address-table | inc Gi */*/*

      to give me the MAC at the end of the port, followed by a:

      show ip arp | inc macFromAbove

      to get the IP address, followed by an NSLookup on the IP adddress resolved from the arp cache on the router.  I then set the description of the switchport to +++ hostname +++ so that I can identify it in Orion.  Obviously this only really applies to hosts that don't roam around.  

      I imagine all of the above can be automated, I suppose the first question is.... is there any way of exposing the ARP cache and mac-address-table using SNMP?