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    Size of map


      Is there any way to control how large/compact a visio map LANSurveyor Express makes? I ran it, and the resulting map was 11 Feet long! I have a modest network(arouns 250 devices), but there is no way a map this size is even feasible to put up on a wall or in a file folder.


      Any options for this?

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          An 11 ft long network diagram is pretty big! Theoretically, setting the zoom level before you export to Visio should work. I'll talk to the developers about this software variance.

          That said, I have several options you could use as a workaround. Rather than showing a linear map, let's go with a circular one. To do this, right-click inside the map window of your mapped network and then click Properties. Change the Layout Style from Hierarchical to Circular on the Map Properties tab, then click OK. This will provide a map that is more manageable. You can also choose Symmetrical  for the Layout Style.

          Also, you may want to consider moving each discovered terminal in the map with the pointer tool. This will allow you to use the space more wisely. Visio also provides numerous ways to manipulate objects for the monitor and the printer.