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    Port Information Incomplete on - Node Details Page

    Jason Hall


      We seem to be getting all the information i expect with UDT but were not getting all the information in the Node Details Page for the device were looking at. Here is what we see:

      If we drill down (Gi1/0/10) we get all the information we expect to see, so why not on the Node Details Page? 

      Also the History option on provides yesdays information.

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          Jason Hall

          Meant to say the "History" on the Search feature only provides stats from the previous day.

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              Steve Welsh

              Hi Jason,

              Can you raise a support ticket with regards to the missing information in the Port Details List resource on the Node Details page please.  We'd need to get the diagnostics from you to look into this further.  Let support know when you raise the ticket that you've spoken to the UDT dev team on thwack.

              With regards to the history on the search page; how long has UDT been installed for on your system and are you using the default polling intervals (30 minutes)?

              When you say only showing history stats from the previous day; are you looking at the 'LastSeen' date in the search results grid?  What does the 'FirstSeen' date for this MAC (endpoint) say?

              Also, you may want to check the filter options on the grid toolbar and if the connection type filter is showing 'Direct Connections', try change it to 'All Connection Types' to see if more historical records are returned.