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    How To : Collect a subset of your Virtual Environment

      Maybe you need to stay under a license count for powered on VMs or maybe you just don't want certain VMs, hosts, clusters collected, here is the quick and correct way to limit your collection's visibility.  Keep in mind that you can always limit the visibility of a dashboard, alert, report, etc through the queries while still collecting your complete environment.  The instructions below are only for the case where you don't want the Hyper9 Virtualization Manager collecting certain entities at all.  

      Virtualization environments are very relational and therefore very difficult to exclude an entity.  The best way to collect a subset of the environment is to create a user within Virtual Center with limited visibility of the environment and then configure the Hyper9 Virtualization Manager with those credentials.  If the created user is not an Administrator, please ensure they have the Datastore browse permissions.  Hyper9 will then only pull the VMs you desire and their relationships to Hosts, Clusters, Datastores, Applications, Resource Pools, etc ...