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    Failover Engine LAN vs WAN



      We have 2 Data center i can run WAN or LAN to the server.

      Any budy try setup LAN and WAN scenario?

      I can understand that when you run the WAN setup there isn't 1 "public IP/DNS" to the 2 servers.

      Is that the only thing?cause i don't realy like the "virtual IP"


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          Have you checked out these documents, see here.

          Obviously on the WAN setup you cannot have the same IP on both machines.  So what you do instead is use the DNS name and as part of the failover we update the DNS record to point to the IP Address of the secondary server or vice versa.

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              I'd like to know how to complete my setup of FoE. I'm performing a P2P WAN domain install on Windows 2008 using the "Install Clone" option. Recommendation from Solarwinds Support was to have the Primary on the domain and secondary in a Workgroup before installing FoE. I've installed FoE on the Primary, created backup/restore files and have now restored the FoE config from Primary onto Secondary. This is where the installation documentation heads south. There is no information on how to handle the fact that the server comes back up as a clone of the Primary (same server name, IPs, domain and probably domain SID). I've opened another Solarwinds support case, but now the Engineer is recommending I drop the primary out of the domain and run both servers in a Workgroup. (uninstall FoE on secondary and reclone primary) This makes no sense. It sounds to me like the design should support Primary and Secondary in the same domain, but how do we get around the duplicate name issue? Since this is a WAN config, I've changed the NIC IPs on the secondary and verified the secure channel is working. I haven't enable the management NIC for Secondary until I know how the failover will actually work. I'm assuming the DNSupdater service applies somewhere here (I have an account set up for this) but how do I get both servers on the domain without a name conflict?

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                  The servers use the primary/polling interface to talk to the domain controller. Think of FOE like an implementation of vmware's vmotion: you have one logical server with updates of critical files and registry being replicated between two physical servers. Only one of the two servers is active and talking with the domain controller at a time (unless you've broken something and gone split-brain). You only have the one [logical] server on the domain: it just happens to be able to move between the WAN locations very very fast.