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    Problem with UDT pre-release 2




      I installed UDT pre-release 2. For this version, I decided to manage production network equipment instead of testing switches.


      The only difference I have is that in production, I'm using SNMPv3.


      All my ports have been added without problem but it dosen't find any mac or IP on any ports. Also, for every ports, Vlan number is set to "unknown".


      I remember using another product (Netdisco) months ago and having problems with SNMPv3. If I remember correctly, I had to create a snmpv3 context for every vlan in the switch to get it working. I don't know if my problem is related to this.


      If someone can make it work with snmpv3, can you tell me what is your snmp config in your switches ?




      edit : the only switch I can get vlan number is a Cisco 4510R-E