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    Change Polling Engine on existing device


      I have been trying to find this answer after searching through Orion for some time. Running  NPM and NPE 10.1.1. The NPM was installed first and a couple of hundred routers/switches/firewalls were added.

      I installed the NPE and it connected to the NPM database so that it is able to manage devices. However, I have bee completely unsuccessful in finding a way to change the Polling Engine from the NPM to the NPE. I expected this to be an easy dropdown. I have searched endlessly in trying to find out how to do this but have not found anything.


      So, is there a way to change an existing device so that it uses a new NPE without having to delete and add it back in since that is the only place I am able to find the dropdown menu to select the Polling Engine.


      Thanks in advance,