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    Producing intelliglble alerts from SNMP traps


      I'm trying to replace HPSIM's trap handling with IPmonitor but I've run into a snag and I hope someone can help.

      When SIM receives a trap, it resolves the OID and fetches the description like so:

      Event description: The fault tolerant power supply condition has been set to failed for the specified chassis and bay location.


      Chassis: 0

      Bay: 1

      Status: generalFailure


      Serial number:

      Auto Rev: %00%00%00%00

      FW Rev:

      Part Number:

      Sys Id: CPQ074D

      The event description is contained in the MIB.  Using the %capture[bindings]% token in IPMonitor I get this:

      system.sysName.0: SDIPMONITOR

      cpqHoTrapInfo.cpqHoTrapFlags.0: 0

      cpqHeFltTolPowerSupplyEntry.cpqHeFltTolPowerSupplyChassis.0.1: 0

      cpqHeFltTolPowerSupplyEntry.cpqHeFltTolPowerSupplyBay.0.1: 1

      cpqHeFltTolPowerSupplyEntry.cpqHeFltTolPowerSupplyStatus.0.1: generalFailure(2)



      cpqHeFltTolPowerSupplyEntry.cpqHeFltTolPowerSupplyAutoRev.0.1: hex:  00 00 00 00



      cpqSiSystemBoard.cpqSiServerSystemId.0: CPQ074D

      No description.  What confuses me is that the IPMonitor documentation says that the bindings token should contain something like this:

      mib-2.system.0: SNMP Trap Monitor :: Dell OpenManage Temperature Status[snmp: trap] is down

      but that doesn't look right either.

      Is there any way to access the event description after it's been compiled by Solarwinds and shoved into IPMonitor?  The event description is probably the most important part of the trap info and the only thing that can really be made sense of.  Solarwinds support so far has not been able to offer anything helpful.