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    IPAM - The Forgotten Module or IPAM written by the guy who writes PalmOS


      IPAM so frustrates me.

       There are things it can do that are great, but doing them is so tedious and time consuming that you are prevented from doing them.  Something as simple as creating a Group and adding subnets is so absolutely painful that instead of doing it I punched myself in the crotch 3 times and called it a day.

      Again, there are several functions I want to use but I cannot because I have 1200 subnets.

      So I use it for DHCP monitoring and that's about it even though I could desperately use it for several other things.

      Things like importing, moving subnets around and this whole orphaned subnet thing makes me want to got to the 4th floor of my building where our developers are and crane kick one in the head as some kind of programmer retaliation.  

      I am starting to think it was developed by a group of disgruntled Enron accountants who changed careers.